Manageable – Hierarchical Task Lists


Have a goal. Make it manageable.

Manageable helps you to focus on the next task no matter how many projects you have to juggle at the same time.

Start with your projects, goals or even dreams and split each one into steps required to complete it. Split each step further into lists of subtasks until you end up with simple actionable items.

Manageable collects final actions across all subtasks of your selected project in a plain ordered list, hiding complexity when you only need to go from the topmost action to the next one.

  • Clutter-free hierarchical lists
  • Clean gesture-driven interface
  • Reorder and prioritize in one gesture
  • Efficient color-coding of your items
  • Two-tap navigation between your favourite projects
  • Search
  • Import or share your project outlines
  • Backup data to iCloud, DropBox, etc.
  • Today widget in Notification Center
  • Unlimited undo/redo

  • In Task view
    • Pull down/up to add item
    • Hold and drag to reorder/prioritize
    • Swipe the title left for Action list
    • Swipe the title right to go to the top
    • Pull down with 2 fingers for import menu
    • Pull up with 2 fingers for export menu
  • Anywhere
    • Swipe item for menu
    • Tap and hold item to edit
    • Tap title for Navigation view, tap again to dismiss
    • Shake to undo/redo
  • In Action view
    • Pull down to filter by priority

How to…

  • You can only add new items in the main view.
  • Pull down with one finger to add new item on top of the list or pull down to add it at the bottom.
  • If you have you project outlined somewhere else as an indented text you can do the following:
    • copy the text;
    • switch to Manageable and navigate to the list of your choice;
    • pull down in the List view with two fingers;
    • tap “Paste Outline” in the popup menu.
  • If you have full data in the Pasteboard (see “Move/copy items” below) you can insert it into current list by pulling down with two fingers and selecting “Paste Data”.
  • Alternatively you can add backed up items by selecting “Restore Backup” from the same Import menu.
  • If have one or more items marked with a magnet icon (see “Move/copy items” below) you can move them to the current list.

  • Action view lists the leaf items in your chosen project/level. To switch to Action view swipe left over the navigation bar title.
  • Pull down to filter by priority.
  • You can adjust item priority when in Action view as well, but instead of holding and dragging you swipe the item to reveal action icons and tap the arrow icon.
  • If next item in the Action list is too general to act upon, drill through it by tapping on it and split it into subtasks.

  • To move one or more items mark them first. Swipe each item to reveal action icons and tap the magnet icon. Items can be in different lists. If you are moving more than one item, start with the items you want to end up higher up in the destination list. After you have marked the items you want to move, navigate to your destination list and pull down or up with one finger.
  • You can copy all items from one list to another by pulling up with two fingers and selecting “Copy Data” from the popup menu. After that navigate to your destination list and pull down with two fingers selecting “Paste Data” from popup menu.

  • No matter many levels deep you are you can go straight to the top list by swiping right over the navigation title bar. This works from Action view as well.
  • After a list/project has been displayed in Action view it is saved to Favourites list in Navigation view. To toggle Navigation view tap the navigation bar title.
  • Tap on the item in the Favourites list to jump right in. Or tap the flag icon on the right to go straight to its Action list. An item can be removed from Favourites, for that swipe over it and tap the stop sign icon.
  • Navigation view allows you to search across all of your lists by one or several substrings.

  • In main view long-press an item until it is inset, then drag it up or down. Watch the vertical bar at the left edge of the dragged item, it indicates priority. There are three priority levels – red, green and grey.
  • You can adjust item’s priority when in Action view as well. Swipe the item and tap the arrow icon.

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