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  1. I NEED A VERSION OF THIS APP FOR MY Mac version12.1 how do I buy that one?????

    DO YOU KNOW OF a sImilar product that is MAC-compatible ? I AM REALLY DESPERATE!

  2. Hello. I came across your app and am interesting in purchasing it. Before doing so, I would appreciate it if you would answer these questions.
    1. Are there any plans for new releases this year?
    2. If so, what is the estimated release date for next release?



    • Hi George,

      The app is in active development right now. We aim for at least one release till the end of the quarter. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello

    J’adore cette application à la fois simple et efficace.
    Toutefois je n’arrive pas à renommer une tache?

    • Merci beaucoup. Essayez la touche longue sur la tâche. Aussi voyez les options de renommer dans l’application Settings.

  4. After updating to today’s new version, priority filter doesn’t work in action view. This bug seems to affect only tasks in the last version, not the new tasks.

    • Can you choose some old sublist you don’t mind sharing (even if a few tasks), export it to pasteboard (double-touch pull-up, then “Copy Data”), paste it into an email and send it to support email. I’ll have a look.

      • I have fixed this by moving the root task to new place and then moving it back. Now it works well.

        • Oh, that was a good idea. You can move or even just drag and reorder an item to refresh the order of the reordered items and all their subtasks in Actions view. Glad it is sorted now (pun intended).

  5. Great that there is color coding. I just haven’t seen any instructions on how to do it. Where are they?

  6. Can this app be used to create a multi-level hierarchical folder structure for mp3 music files? The essentially single level structure in itunes, focussed on albums, doesn’t work well for a large classical collection.

  7. Any chance we’ll be able to schedule reminders for individual tasks? You could put the button/icon for creating a reminder in the menu that appears when a task is swiped and then have that go to a screen with the option to choose a date and time.

  8. Any chance of making a native Mac client? I really need to track things on my Mac as well as iDevices. Thanks.

  9. I can’t seem to sync between my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6. I’ve tried using iCloud but couldn’t see how to do it. Please help as this app looks good but I really need it to sync.

  10. I cannot get past the initial tutorial. On the third screen, “get anywhere fast,” neither a swipe nor the forward arrow do anything. Am I missing something?

    IPad Air 2 and iPhone 6, but with latest iOS 10

      • I deleted it and reinstalled. It is still stuck in the same place in the tutorial. Tried a restart, too. No go.

    • I had this problem on my iPad to. I was using my iPad in landscape mode so I changed it to portrait mode just to get passed the initial setup. It did the job and works ok now but not sure how to sort this on the iPhone sorry.

  11. Thanks for the amazing app.

    One idea: Any tasks could switched between two modes,parallel(by default) and sequential. If one task is set to be sequential, only its first action or subtask will appear in the action view and the second will appear after the first one is finished, then the third… I think it will make a more convenient management.

  12. maybe a bug:

    what I want to do:
    going to the sub-task list of one task

    what I did:
    1. searching the substring of the task after tapping the top bar, and everything works well by now.
    2. However, when I tap the task I have looking for, no jump happens. The jump happens only when I cancel the search box and tap top bar. That is weird. I think it is a bug.

      • Any progress on finding the pipeline with the shared option yet? 🙂
        Would be really useful and make a great app fantastic!! Thanks!

    • There is no MAC/PC/Web version or data synchronisation between devices yet, but you can export/import outlines as indented text by pulling up/down with two fingers, then tapping “Export/Import outline”.

  13. 1. Please use duoble tapping for in- place editing text at taped position instead of pressing and hold.
    2. When past outline, copyed text had blank line makes the app crash. Please blank line can be considered as indent. This is usefull copying google keeps and etc.

    • Thanks for the ideas. Giving priority to a double-click doesn’t work very well as it introduces a noticeable lag to a single tap. But I think there’s another way to improve UX here.
      The crashes will be addressed in the next update. Most likely, empty lines will be ignored in imported outlines though as it is not clear what would indicate coming back up the hierarchy.


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